Top Tacori

Top Tacori

Who doesn’t love something from Tacori? Their attention to detail is phenomenal and the designs are immaculate! There is no question that they are the most sought after designer in North America! We will go through the best of the best from Tacori, but you really cannot go wrong with ANYTHING from their star-studded line-up; from dazzling engagement rings, to detailed men’s wedding bands, to fabulous jewellery that you will die for, Tacori has it all! It was SO HARD to narrow this down and not make this blog a million pages long! So, without further ado, our top Tacori picks!

Engagement Rings

Our top Tacori engagement rings come from the Petite Crescent and Dantela collections. These collections are small and mighty, every millimeter of space is full of Tacori’s signature, handcrafted detail.


Dantela is the word for lace in Romanian. This collection’s lacey details embody a timeless, heirloom style that is sure to turn heads. Each ring features a lace-like design under the crown that adds a unique element to this collection. Anyone else want a crown for their finger?

Petite Crescent

Petite Crescent rings are refined and redesigned versions of the Classic Crescent line to be softer and smaller in detail. This attractively feminine line sparkles with that Tacori shine. The design of this collection has the thinnest band you can have with diamonds visible from every angle to allow for more brilliance! You can see the sparkle from these rings a mile away!

Men’s Wedding Bands

Our top two men’s wedding bands are full of immense detail. The first one is a scroll detailed ring that shows off Tacori’s hand-carved artistry. With three dimensional filigree design, this ring is a show-stopper!

The second is a two-toned sculpted ring; with Tacori signature crescents carved into the profile of the ring, this ring is a force to be reckoned with. From the white and rose gold and the dual-finish design, this ring showcases how beautiful gold can be in different colours and finishes. It’s also perfect if you are indecisive.

Fashion Jewellery

There are two Tacori jewellery lines that absolutely stand out, the Diamond Jewellery collection and the Crescent Embrace collection. They both embody Tacori’s signature detailing and have a piece that will encompass anyone’s personality.

Diamond Jewellery Collection

Tacori’s Diamond Jewellery is a collection of earrings and necklaces designed to complement your engagement ring. With similar detailing, this collection takes Tacori’s hand-crafted engagement ring flare and transforms it into pieces that will make you fall in love every time you see them.

Crescent Embrace

The Crescent Embrace collection from Tacori features a sculpted crescent frame, with an embellished border to add a modern twist to their classic design. Every piece has its own unique personality that shines with Tacori charm! This line features a variety of gemstones to fit everyone’s unique style and colour preference.

Have you picked up on the one common denominator that EVERY Tacori piece has? DETAIL! Tacori is know for their detail and it shows! Every element of a Tacori piece was thoughtfully put there. You can visibly see all the thought and effort that goes into each and every Tacori piece! We love Tacori, and Tacori loves us here in Canada too, so snatch these must have pieces during this limited time Tacori Loves Canada promotion!

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Battle of the Engagement Rings

Battle of the Engagement Rings

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Who's Next?