Battle of the Engagement Rings

Battle of the Engagement Rings

Engagement ring styles come and go. One year it’s oval halos, the next is marquise solitaires. We wanted to get to the bottom of what’s currently popular, so we headed to social media. We have been holding “Battle of the Ring” polls on our Facebook and Instagram for the past few months; there have been some CLOSE races with less than 15% difference, while others have been landslides! We are going to go through EVERY poll that we have done so far and give you the favourite engagement ring for the GMG Family.

Battle of the Gold

Let’s go for gold first, shall we? With the three shades of gold currently on the market, we did three polls to determine which is the most loved. Our first poll was a battle between rose gold and white gold, since those are the most popular ones at the moment. This was a close battle; white gold won with only 58% of the vote! The next poll was between the more “antique” colours, rose and yellow gold. Rose gold won quite easily with 62% of the vote. Our final gold battle is white gold versus yellow gold. White gold came out on top with 65% of the vote. When we complied the total number of votes between the three polls, rose gold was the ultimate winner! Only beating out white gold by 4%! We aren’t surprised by this result, rose gold can look stunning on anyone!

Battle of the Style

There are countless styles of engagement rings out there! We thought the most logical starting point would be the star of your ring, the center stone. When picking your center stone, there are many options, for this poll we did colourless diamonds or colourful gemstones. Diamond won by a overwhelming triumph, taking 70% of the votes.

Okay, now onto some BIG questions that will really determine the look of your ring. Solitaire or halo? High-polish or diamond band? Solitaire rings beat out halo with 69% of the vote, making that center stone really the focal point! The GMG family LOVES their sparkle so much that diamond bands defeated high-polish bands with 63% of the vote.

Now let’s get into a few more detailed style battles. With solitaire style engagement rings, the amount of prongs can DRASTICALLY change the look of the ring. We did a battle between 4 prongs and 6 prongs; 61% of the vote went to 4 prong engagement rings. This next poll only applies if you are wanting an elongated stone, do you position it east/west or north/south? With a LANDSLIDE victory, north/south won with 91% of the vote! Which if you want that elongated stone to elongate your finger, that’s the right choice!

Battle of the Shapes

There are SO MANY awesome diamond shapes to pick from! We started with the six most popular shapes and based our polls on commonalities: round vs princess, emerald vs oval, and pear vs marquise. First up, round versus princess. These two have the BEST light return, giving you intense sparkle. Round crushed princess with 77% of the vote! The timeless elongated stones are emeralds and ovals, they both give that vintage, yet modern aesthetic. Oval snuck out on top with 59% of the vote. Our modern stars, marquise and pear; with their pointed ends they draw the eye down the finger, it’s no wonder these have become favoured stones. More votes pointed to pear over marquise with 59%. The GMG family really prefers those soft-cornered diamonds! Overall, a round diamond came out on top as the ultimate shape with 27% of all the votes.

The favourite ring based on the polls for the GMG family is…

Drum-roll please!

A rose gold, round diamond, solitaire ring with 4 prongs and a diamond band!

ultimate ring.png

We aren’t done investigating the most popular ring trends just yet. We have many more polls to come! We enjoy making these polls, and hope you enjoyed participating in them. Thank you to everyone that has participated in our polls so far! Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to participate in the near future!

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