In Bloom is a bridal and store insight blog created by GMG Jewellers to spotlight our brides' stories of love, marriage and all things beautiful.


A Brief History

Initially we brainstormed content for GMG's social media and, as our ideas grew larger, a blog seemed like the next logical step.  We wanted a home where we could showcase our lovely brides and brides-to-be, the many local vendors who come together to produce the most breathtaking celebrations and a space where we could curate trends and share inspiration with all.  

We created a collective Pinterest board which was essentially the seed of this blog. Each image pinned became a future post, or at the very least, visual inspiration. 

After compiling ideas and inspiration, In Bloom was born. The site was named for the bloom of a ring, but also suggests a feeling of growth, beauty and renewal. We began to  interview our clients who had beautiful love stories, proposals and weddings and with continued focus on our clients, we now cover a wide range of jewellery topics and also insights on what’s going on instore.