True Love: Tati + Cy

True Love: Tati + Cy

Tati and Cy are an adorable couple that met through work back in 2016. They knew there was something special between them from the beginning! They LOVE getting noodle bowls together, as well as playing sports and hitting the gym. These love birds also enjoy cuddling up together on the couch in the evenings and heading to the lake in the summer! Continue reading to hear about their love story as told by Tati!


Give us a brief overview of how he popped the question. I had gotten off a night shift that morning, and after sleeping for a few hours Cy was really insistent that we go for dinner. So we went for noddle bowls, which is one of our favourite things to do! It really wasn’t that out of the ordinary; the evening/date was pretty typical for us and he wasn’t nervous or weird at all. We then picked up some snacks on our way home to eat while we watched one of our shows, and talked about what time we would FaceTime his family, which is also not out of the ordinary. When we got home, I went upstairs to our room and changed into what I call my homeless clothes! Basically my biggest, baggiest, comfiest sweats and bunny hug. He followed shortly after and handed me a letter he wrote, and once I was through reading it he hugged me and got down on one knee! I love that he wrote me a letter, he was able to say everything he wanted to say in it and not forget to say something because he was nervous; I love that I get to re-read it whenever I want!


What are some of your favourite things about your ring? Cy picked my ring out all on his own. We hadn’t formally gone and looked together, but I had sent him pictures of what I like and we talked about what he liked as well. It is exactly what I wanted and the most beautiful ring I could have imagined! I love the simplicity of a solitaire and feel like it is classic and timeless.

Tell us a little bit about your shopping experience at GMG. Cy said the shopping experience went very smoothly. He went in with a good idea of what he wanted so the whole process didn’t take very long.

For me the toughest decision was picking my wedding band! They are all so beautiful! Because my ring is so simple everything looked so nice with it. Luckily Alex helped me and is a boss at what she does and we finally found one that I am obsessed with and cannot wait to wear!


What are the most important aspects to you when planning your wedding? We are doing things a little non traditional and having an evening wedding! I think for us the single most important thing was to be true to ourselves. We are doing what we want and how we want it, and decided it is our day and we wanted it to reflect us as a couple. We are having food we love, surrounded by the people we love and who love us which is exactly what we knew we wanted.

What do you look forward to most about married-life? Sharing a last name! Other than that not a lot will change. We’ve been living together in our house for almost two years, so were basically married already!

What aspect are you most excited about for your wedding day? Any details that you are willing to share? We are obviously looking forward to being a married couple, but are most excited for the party after! We have really wild families, as well as friends, and know that the night is going to be so much fun and we cannot wait to celebrate with everyone!


Thank you so much Tati and Cy for sharing your love story with the GMG Family! We wish you well in your marriage and we look forward to seeing your wedding pictures! We also love your wedding hashtag, #iwantitthatbray

XO In Bloom

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