The Art of the Ring Selfie

The Art of the Ring Selfie

When you get engaged, you want to post the most gram-able photo of that ring to share with the world! However, you don’t want it to be a generic ring selfie. We have five tips to consider that will elevate your ring selfie game! Now let’s make that picture as unique as you!

1 - How are your nails looking?

Before you even start to think about taking a picture, are your nails done? If your fiancé happened to catch you by surprise, but you are due for a manicure. In the moment shots can be great, so get creative will you hand placement if your nails aren’t looking their best. Hold hands with your fiancé, crop your nails out of frame, or try different hand positions. We have some examples below if you aren’t super creative. (Also check out our Pinterest Board)

2 - Where are you?


Instagram is all about the stylized shots, with gorgeous backgrounds. Did it happen outside? Find a gorgeous skyline or a nearby landmark for your background. Proposed to at a restaurant? Use your food/beverage to make it candid or find a feature wall that makes your hand pop. Were you at home? Find a stylish pillow, plant, or outfit to use as your background.

3 - Do you have good lighting?

Lighting is an important factor in any gorgeous photo. A dark photo won’t let that ring shine, natural light is the best lighting to get that amazing sparkle! Watch out for pesky shadows that can ruin your photo. Also, skip the flash, it will only washout the sparkle of your ring, trust us!

4 - Can you make it candid?

A natural photo makes for a better photo. Did you start crying and put your hand to your face? Take a selfie with the ring on while you do that to capture the emotion. Or if the proposal was a big production, have that in the background of your picture. A friend/photographer can also help you get that perfect shot with both of you in it, the engagement is also about your fiance, not just you. We know it’s not a ring selfie, but they can be way more Instagrammable!

Below are some real GMG brides for some inspiration.

5 - What’s your favourite part of the ring?


There has to be one part of your ring that you can’t stop looking at! Is it the shape, a hidden halo, or the detailing of the head? Experiment with the angle of your shot so you capture the most amazing qualities of your ring. Your photo doesn’t have to be straight on if you don’t want it to be. Maybe a video is that best way to capture your ring to show every angle.

Now that you have read our tips to consider, go get gramming! Unleash your inner photographer and capture the moment. And when you do, tag us so we can see your picture and share it! We love seeing our customers filled with joy at the sight of their new ring, and we want everyone else to see it too!

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