Perfect Proposal Spots in Saskatoon

Perfect Proposal Spots in Saskatoon

Thinking of getting down on one knee soon? Saskatoon has some gorgeous locations that would be perfect for an upcoming proposal! We are going to go through our top eight proposal spots in Saskatoon so that you can plan the most amazing way to pop the question!

photo cred:  @blairknoxphoto

photo cred: @blairknoxphoto

The Train Bridge

Imagine, you are out for a late-night walk with the love of your life and the sun is starting to set. You get to the train bridge and the rushing river adds the perfect background noise. While walking across you pause to “tie your shoe” and then ask for her hand in marriage! The train bridge has a view that spans across the city and is sooo romantic!

photo cred:  @emmad_wist

photo cred: @emmad_wist

The University of Saskatchewan

Did you and your soon-to-be-fiancé meet on campus? Why not pop the question in the building where you met? With the lush trees and gorgeous, brick buildings, the University of Saskatchewan is a prime proposal spot! Fall is the most beautiful season for this location, as there are hundreds of glorious trees! A bonus for this spot is that there are also plenty of places where a photographer could hide to capture the moment.


The Sand Bar/River Bank

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset while sitting by the river, wrapped in a blanket with the person you love! While you are all cuddled up together on the beach, turn to them and ask them to marry you! The sand bar and river bank are a pinnacle part of Saskatoon. They are often fairly vacant in the evenings so it is perfect for a intimate proposal.

Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park is beautiful year round! The skating rink is an amazing place to pop the question in the winter; you’re skating, you pretend to fall and when she’s helping you back up, pull out the ring! Who wouldn’t say yes! It’s also a magical place the rest of the year as well with its lush greenery and gorgeous view of the river!

photo cred:  @ryandallasparker

photo cred: @ryandallasparker


Boffins Public Garden

Whether you are planning on popping the question in the winter or the summer, Boffins is perfect for both! If you wanted a skating proposal in the winter or a secluded picnic in the summer, you will have the perfect moment at Boffins. The small pond is so tranquil and romantic!

River Landing

There is nothing better than a walk with your significant other by the river. It is so calm and peaceful to listen as the river rushes by. A gloomy day can add an air of mystery to your proposal as the sky will be dancing just like your heart!


photo cred:  @brigmcghee

photo cred: @brigmcghee

Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

The Forestry Farm Park & Zoo can be gorgeous year round, but it stands out at Christmas time when the Enchanted Forest is on. There are nights where you can walk through the roads of lights, holding hands with the love of your life. And in the glow of Christmas lights, who wouldn’t say yes!?

Personal Locations

The last location is extremely personal to your relationship. Personal locations are ones in which that represent a milestone in your relationship; whether that’s the location of your first date, your favourite restaurant, or your home. These locations add a personal touch to your proposal as they are unique to your relationship!

We hope we made you feel the love and that you are ready to propose! When planning your proposal, make sure you keep your future fiancé in mind. If you know she loves something or a has a spot she loves, then go for it there. If you are ready to propose but don’t have a ring yet, head to our showroom and one of our many diamond specialists can help you find the perfect ring! Don’t forget to tag us in your proposal photos!

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