True Love: Jen + Scott

True Love: Jen + Scott

Jen and Scott are Saskatoon love birds that met way back in preschool, where they first got “married.” They then rekindled their love in a local coffee shop in 2010. They spend their free time enjoying the company of their three dogs, as well as cooking fantastic meals together! Continue reading to hear about their beautiful proposal and upcoming wedding.

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When did you know he/she was the one? Scott: when she wouldn’t take no for an answer to dance.

Jen: I think I knew when he was the one when we had been broken up for a while, after I went away to college, and had come back, he came over one night to catch up and it was like no time had passed, we were back to the way things were before I left.

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Give us a brief overview of how he popped the question, Jen. He popped the question on Christmas Day morning, the one day out of the year I did not want it to happen. It was just us and our three dogs.  We had finished opening our presents to each other, but I had one more hiding upstairs that I had gone up to get, couldn’t hide a golf bag under our tree! When I came back down and handed him the bag, he looked at it for about 2 seconds and tossed it to the side, I was in shock that he would do that, it was the one thing he really wanted for Christmas. So I spent the next 10 seconds saying “what are you doing? Look at your bag properly! Do you like it?” and before I could finish questioning why he wasn’t paying any attention to the one thing he wanted, he was down on one knee in our living room. After he proposed and I said yes, he went over to our table where, unbeknownst to me, he had set up his camera to film the proposal, or so he thought. Turns our he had it on the wrong setting and it was just a picture of his arm, which was probably for the best seeing as I was in my pjs and had serious bed head. We spent the rest of the day going to each of our family Christmas’ and telling our close family members the exciting news.  We had gone to look at rings about a month or so before, he kept saying he just wanted my ring size, but I’m sure some of my preferences were asked then too. But like every girl I had a solid Pinterest page full of rings I liked.

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What are some of your favourite things about your ring Jen? It’s exactly what I wanted and more! I had made a Pinterest page (which I know he saw), when we went to “get my ring size” we had discussed some options, white gold, platinum, etc. Scott likes to say he picked it all on his own but I had been dropping hints for a while on what I wanted.

Tell us a little bit about your shopping experience at GMG Scott. It was a great experience, Jan was extremely helpful. All smooth sailing, no tough decisions.

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What are three of the most important aspects to the two of you when planning your wedding? Food, Flowers, Fun.

What do you look forward to most about married-life? Jen: We are just excited to see where life takes us. I’m excited to refer to him as my husband, I find it so awkward to say fiancé all the time.

Scott: Spending my life with the love of my life, going on adventures together, starting a family together and just getting to enjoy life together.

What aspect are you most excited about for your wedding day? Any details that you are willing to share? Jen: I’m most excited for our first look, we have decided on a later ceremony going right into reception. We are also excited to dance the night away with our friends and family. We are getting married at The Barn at Winds Edge in October, I’m also excited to get all of our photos done. My first experience getting professional photos done was for our engagement pictures, I was really nervous to begin with and didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed it and had fun in the end.

Scott: The party and having my first dance with Jen as husband and wife.

Anything else you want to share? We just want to thank GMG for asking us to be a part of this. As well as to thank them for helping us with the beginning of our life together.

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Thank you so much Jen and Scott for sharing your love story with the GMG Family! We wish you well in your marriage and we look forward to seeing your wedding pictures in October!

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