Hot Hearts on Fire

Hot Hearts on Fire

Ignite your love with Hearts on Fire. Every diamond in a Hearts on Fire piece is cut with the same precision and standard that Hearts on Fire has patented; they are the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds and you can visibly see the difference! All of our staff members drool over these diamonds ! All we can say is WOW! Now let’s go through everyone’s favourite piece.




Jan is all about having substantial amount of sparkle! She loves how this statement anniversary ring can layer with engagement rings or be worn on its own!


Sandy loves the Power Band from the Hayley Paige X Hearts on Fire collection because it’s so unique, funky, cool, and a great layering piece!




These stylish, sparkly, double halo earrings are Alex’s favourite because the halos don’t blend together into an vortex of diamonds! Perfect for maximum sparkle!


Outrageous! That’s all Robert can say about this stunning pair of earrings! They are the ULTIMATE statement when it comes to jewellery!



april  2.png

April just loves this anchor necklace and she just can’t explain why! She has a deep love for anchors as she has an anchor tattoo! It’s the perfect minimalistic piece!


Darcy LOVES the eclipse necklace because it is so blinding, just like a solar eclipse! This necklace bursts with sparkle just like the sun!




The floral burst halo of this engagement ring from the Hayley Paige X Hearts on Fire collection is Shari’s favourite! It is a unique, statement that is sure to turn heads!


Prescilla loves that this band from the Hayley Paige X Hearts on Fire is not your typical wedding band. This edgy, layering piece is a showstopper!




Emma loves this ring from the Hayley Paige X Hearts on Fire Collection because it’s minimalist but still offers a great sparkle!


Cass loves how this necklace sparkles just like the moon in the night sky! You also don’t see many crescent shapes in jewellery making it extra unique!

Almost every staff member had a hard time selecting their favourite piece because everything from Hearts on Fire takes our breath away! From the sparkle to the unique designs, you are bound to love something from their line up! Shop Hearts on Fire to ignite the sparkle in your life!

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True Love: Jen + Scott

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