Top 10 dresses to suit every bride's style

Top 10 dresses to suit every bride's style

We asked local stylist, Maygen Kardash to share her top ten dresses to suit every bride's style.  She came back with the most breathtaking gowns in a variety of lengths, textures and tones.  Her top ten picks still have us swooning.  Scroll down to see for yourself!

Flower Girl- Flowers at a wedding? It doesn’t sound revolutionary.  But this season, designers are taking the idea to new a level with gowns featuring 3D blooms that are sure to delight the most whimsical bride-to-be. 

Light and Airy- Breezy layers of chiffon are the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding, catching the wind and the eye of your crowd. It’s simple, pretty, and one of the most romantic trends on the list.

Short and Sweet - If you’ve got great legs, show ‘em off! The high-low cut is still going strong with tastemakers like Whitney Port choosing this on-trend but not over-the-top style.

Two-Piece Chic - Whether you choose a crop and maxi or a tailored suit, this practical trend can enjoy a life beyond your special day while showing off your love of brave new fashion.

Illusion Bodice - Kate Middleton catapulted the elegant, traditional lace bodice into vogue and now we’re seeing iterations that embrace other trends, like off-the-shoulder or appliqué. Bonus to this style: you don’t have to worry about pulling your dress up all day! 

Prints Charming - We’ve seen colour on wedding dresses before but 2016 ushers in what just might be the next big thing in bridal: soft, watercolour prints. How stunning this would be at a garden wedding! 

Grecian Goddess - If you love the iconic goddess silhouette as much as I do, this is your year. Look for details like a bias cut, beaded detailing, and gathered fabric, or get more literal with a one-shoulder dress.

Fly Away With Me - Fluffy feathers and ruffles that act like plumage make for show-stopping gowns. It’s the perfect choice for the bride who loves all things playfully luxurious. 

Tier Up - The gorgeous, full-skirt ‘princess’ dress will always be a staple in bridal. For your traditional wedding, why not opt for a current play on a classic with the tiered trend? 

Bohemian Lace - Oh, beautiful boho bridal gowns, how I love this laid-back and individualistic look. With ‘70s lace and vintage detailing, a flower crown would be the finishing touch.

Want more?  Visit our Pinterest page to view other bridal gowns that'll have you swooning.

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For more than a decade, Maygen has been a stylist for television, music videos, print, and both artist and personal consults. She is a contributor to the lifestyle blog Our Collective Muse, a frequent guest on Global Morning, a Brownie leader, and (most important), mama to her bright 17-month-old, Petra.



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Event designer: Crystal Anderson MacLeod